Hey Kirby!

For the last couple of years I have been using Jekyll for this website and I really enjoyed it. It’s nerdy nature spoke to my inner, well, nerd. Unfortunately, this nerdism isn’t always practical. Jekyll requires you to rebuild your website and sync the resulting website files to your host. I know there are solutions to this but they all seemed kinda hacky to me. This was fun for a while but I felt like it got more and more in the way when just wanting to quickly share something. Hey, who would’ve thought a backend can make total sense when you want to manage contents?

So I started looking at different solutions and what stuck with me is Kirby by Bastian Allgeier. The migration process took quite some manual labour as I wanted to migrate my old post and I wasn’t able to find an automated way to that. But now that I have moved everything over I’m glad to have a backend which I can also use on my iPad. Unfortunately, I don’t speak any CSS anymore. Therefore, I’ll have to stick with the default theme for now. But that doesn’t look to bad anyway, if you asked me.

So, welcome to my site, Kirby!