Synology Backup Strategies

Yesterday I read Marco Arment’s piece about his attempts to backup his Synology NAS. They all rely on external services like Amazon’s S3 or Backblaze. Since I’m happy about every bit and byte that I can store within my own realm, I don’t feel to comfortable sending literally all my data off to the cloud in some random country with random laws I have no clue about.

Luckily, I have two Synologys that I operate and maintain (one at my apartment and one at my parent’s house). This offers a different approach: I could basically backup my NAS systems to one another. Unfortunately, they are not the same size and the larger one has about four times the capacity of the other one. So this leaves me with a hypothetical one-way backup solution (which is not what I want to achieve). If I upgraded the smaller one I might be able to set up a two-way backup solution.

I asked Marco if he considered this as well. I’ll update this post as he gets back to me.

If anybody reading this ever tried this feel free to ping me.