Being gone from home for a few days always meant that we’re not able to watch our guinea pigs. Until a few days ago! I set up a Raspberry Pi equipped with a camera board and placed it near their cage. Using this article to setup the streaming from the Pi, it was fairly easy to create a Pi-based surveillance camera.

Common Issue

I’m using my camera board in a small housing (Affiliate Link) specifically made for the camera. Unfortunately, the small connector cable (“SUNNY”) is rather loose and disconnects every now and then inside that case.

Using some hot glue I was able to fix this issue. Just two drops of it covering just the sides of the connector should do the trick.

Bonus Feature

For those of you using a Synology NAS: It’s even easily integrated into Synology’s Surveillance Station. Just install the package, activate it, and go to admin interface. In there, add a new camera with the Pi’s IP address, the port and a / as the Source Path.