Getting Stuck in Oceanhorn and How to Fix It

A few weeks back Oceanhorn (de, us; Affiliate Links) appeared on the App Store and instantly caught my attention. It’s similarities and my love for Zelda made me curious.

Unfortunately, a few hours in I got stuck in a place called the Forest Shrine. I accidentally pushed a stone box a little bit to far so it got stuck at a wall and I wasn’t able to move it back onto the area on the ground where it belonged.

A scene from the game

Luckily the guys over at Cornfox are rather nice and were able to help immediately. Deleting the last safe file did the trick.

Just connect your device to your computer, launch iTunes, go to the Apps on that iPhone or iPad and find Oceanhorn under File Sharing. The app offers it’s safe games as shared files to your computer. In my case it was file s1-9-1-shrine1-state.dat. s1 indicates the safe game we’re talking about. So if yours is the first one it’s the same for you.

You might want to backup these files before trying to delete one on your device.

Cornfox announced to fix this bug in the next update. Until then I hope this helps if you run into it, too.