4 iOS Games That Will Get Me Through the Holiday Season

1. The Room Two

The second part of this series seems a little bit easier to me than the first one but it’s still a great puzzle game. It will keep you occupied for at least a few hours.

2. Walking Dead: The Game - Season Two

Last year around this time of the year I played the first edition. A few days back season two came out. I did not manage to start yet, but from what I heard it’s pretty great, too. If you already played the first episode (and if you still have your save game; that’s why I was not able to start yet) the game picks up on the decisions you made during last year’s game.

I’m currently re-playing episode one to get my save game ready. Can’t wait to start the new part.

3. Blek

The first few levels are rather easy. But it becomes harder quickly. It’s simple design and game mechanics elegant and encouraging. The the trailer in my last post.

4. Oceanhorn

If you like adventures (in particular the Zelda games) you might like Oceanhorn as well. It’s been out for a few weeks now, I guess, so I don’t need to talk in length about it. See the video below to get a sense about how lovely it is.

These links are affiliate links for the App Store:

  1. The Room: iPad US, iPad DE, iPhone US, iPhone DE
  2. The Room Two: iOS US, iOS DE
  3. Walking Dead: The Game: iOS US, iOS DE
  4. Walking Dead: The Game - Season Two: iOS US, iOS DE
  5. Blek: iPad US, iPad DE
  6. Oceanhorn: iOS US, iOS DE