Studifutter and Deadlines on iOS 7

Today, Apple released iOS 7 to the public and the adoption rate might go even crazier than it did with the previous versions due to all the new bits this update brings. It’s the biggest update since the introduction of the iPhone OS back in 2007.

This is a huge opportunity for developers, they say. In an App Store filled to the max with Apps a new chance to separate from the masses came up when the new OS was introduced at WWDC in June.

We kinda missed out on this opportunity because we were working on different projects and did not manage to get the updates ready in time. Good news are that both our own hobby projects, Studifutter and Deadlines, are working on iOS 7 as they did on iOS 6. So no need to worry, if you use them regularly. They might feel a little clunky once you get used to the new design, though.

We hope to get the updates out the door soon. Stay tuned.