New Hobby Project: Deadlines

A few semesters back I wanted to have an app that would allow me to enter a few important dates like the exams and create a basic list of them to keep track of that without the need to look them up on my calendar. While browsing the App Store I found a few that did exactly that — but they all were ugly as hell. All I wanted was a simple list with a title and the remaining time.

So I decided to build my own app that would do the trick for me. I finished it just a few days later and have been using it ever since. I never felt the need to submit it to the App Store, though. I do always have a feeling that things I build for myself won’t meet anybody else’s needs.

The people that got to see that little app over the last almost two years made me rethink that idea of keeping it to myself. After a while they convinced me and I decided to polish it up and submit it.

As you might have guessed from this post’s title, I called it Deadlines. It does exactly what I needed back then: It allows you to add events and displays them in chronological order. Also, it will remind you via local notifications five minutes in advance of the events. I hope to add a setting later on to customize the alarms.

Like Studifutter, Deadlines is a hobby project of mine. As I don’t expect to make a lot of money from it, I do still hope to add a few features over the next weeks. But as you probably know, hobby projects are a little bit difficult to handle. So I will not promise anything.

Special thanks go out to Norman, who did the icon and the splash screens! I think he did a pretty good job. If you like it feel free to contact him.

Update 2012-11-03 10:41 am: Looks like it’s not available on the App Stores right now, though it went to “ready for sale” about 12 hours ago. It should become available shortly.

Update 2012-11-03 2:41 pm: Well, my bad. Now it’s available.