Easy Versions Syncing Using Dropbox

For our subversion repositories we’re using Sofa’s awesome app Versions. If you’re working with subversion on a Mac go get it here.

Only downside: No bookmark syncing between computers. Today it bugged me enough to come up with a solution. Okay, fair enough, this is kinda obvious, but maybe you’re at the same point:

ln -s ~/Dropbox/Versions/ ~/Library/Application Support/Versions

Just move your Versions directory (which contains your Bookmarks.plist) to your Dropbox (or any other cloud location) and create a symlink to it at the directory’s old location.


Okay, turns out, syncing the whole folder is maybe not the best idea. The license is located in the same folder and two computers accessing the same license seem to cause some trouble making one of the clients go back to trial mode.

So I changed the symlink to only point to the Bookmarks.plist itself. If you did it the same way I did it the following lines should help you:

cd ~/Library/Application Support/
unlink Versions
mkdir Versions
cd Versions
ln -s ~/Dropbox/Versions/Bookmarks.plist ~/Library/Application Support/Versions/Bookmarks.plist

BTW: No Dropbox? Get it here and make us both get some extra megabytes.