Using AirPrint With Any (?) Printer

Since Apple announced that we’d be able to print directly from our iOS devices once 4.2 arrives I was pretty excited to get my hands on the new version. Equally disappointed I was when I first saw the list of supported printers.

Today I ran across a German blogpost which describes how to get every printer working with AirPrint by running an Apple Script and re-installing the printer. You can download the script here. Follow these steps once you have downloaded Simone’s script:

  1. Run the script by double clicking it
  2. Authorize as an administrator
  3. Restart your Mac1
  4. Remove the printer you want to make available
  5. Re-install it and make it accessible on the network
  6. That’s it!

I tried it with a DELL 1320c at the office and an HP Officejet J6400 at home and it worked like a charm with both of them!

Thank you, Simone!

  1. You don’t need to neccessarily restart your Mac. It’s ok to run sudo killall cupsd in ↩︎