Leaving Facebook

 ·  1 minute, 5 seconds

It's been three months since I left Facebook. Before that, it took me well over two years to finally do this step. I wanted to leave it so badly, but somehow it held it's grip on me. It was just to convenient to have all your friends in one place and know most of what happens in their lives. The fear of missing out was just too big.

During the same time, the amount of hate comments and negativity in general took off. It seemed like every time I went on Facebook I saw so many negative, aggressive, vulgar comments that I almost felt depressed afterwards. And it got worse over time. This was just something that I didn't want to identify with. So I finally gave up on my account and closed it.

For the time being, this was a great decision. I feel less stressed and distracted whenever I'm with my family or trying to get some work done. The constant urge to scroll down that list of boring stories, annotated photos in supposedly funny ways, and allegedly smart phrases on photos with blurred mountains or sunsets was gone.

I can't say if this decision will last, but for now I happy for letting go this mental burden and freeing up quite a significant amount of time.

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