Those who follow me on Twitter might have noticed that I’m currently in the middle of a move from Nuremberg back to the country side. Which is awesome. :) But that’s not what I wanted to talk about.

A few years back, when I was still doing .NET stuff, I registered my name domain and a .NET webspace (with centron) to set up a BlogEngine.NET blog on there. A while later I registered my other domain just to have a nice and short domain name for my personal email. The A-Record for that domain moved from one hip new service to the next. The last one was Tumblr.

I was getting kinda tired about having all my stuff in different places and developed the idea of moving it all back into one space. Since I’m that kind of person who does not blog that much and therefor does not want to lose all the old (and sometime a little bit embarrassing ;-)) content, I needed a new space (a server would be oversized) and a new blog engine, which would let me import the posts from Tumblr and a BlogML file, that stuck around on my computer for quite a few years. After some time of research and comparison I decided to go with the German hoster Uberspace.de1 and WordPress.

Now I’m happy to have all my stuff in one place again. Not only my physical goods.

  1. Uberspace is awesome. They let you decide what you want to pay for your space and even give you full SSH access to it. Besides that, you’ll get a ton of features ( ↩︎