Creating Tons of Tasks for Keeping Track of the Series You're Watching

Since I started watching “How I Met Your Mother” somewhen the last two weeks I was wondering how I should keep track of the episodes I’ve already seen. So I spent a few minutes googling. I assume there are some web services or apps that do that for you. But I neither wanted to sign up for another service nor did I want another app for that.

“Why not add all the episodes to Things?", I thought. That would make perfect sense for me since Things is the application I’m using for all the tasks one can tick off. Yeah, I love making lists and ticking off things to see the progress I made.

I remembered Things is fully scriptable so I decided to build a quick and dirty AppleScript to batch-create all these tasks. Hope this helps someone.

tell application "Things"	
  repeat with theSeasonValue from 1 to 6
    repeat with theEpisodeValue from 1 to 22
      set epsiodeIdentifier to ("S" & theSeasonValue as string) & "E" & theEpisodeValue as string
      set newToDo to make new to do with properties {name:"HIMYM " & epsiodeIdentifier} at end of area "Serien"
    end repeat
  end repeat
end tell